23. Cigarettes & Sashes

11 February 2019, 13:13

I’ve got nothing
To do
But explore
(Oh Lord)
And I don’t want
Nothing more
Gonna see some green wetlands
Besides that
I’ve got no plan
Strolling through a Chinese city
Humming a little ditty
I think the wetlands are closed
Weren’t no open entrance
I could find
I pay three for Yuyuan
Another park full of elders
And gulls, girls, & boys
They cast their lines into the bay
Or turn their fingers on instruments
And cigarettes
I watch & listen as they march
Something like a melody
Slow, desperate, & dysfunctional
But artful & beautiful still
Today is my last day
To enjoy the sun
In this Land of Eternal Spring
Now I perch
Taking in a 胡琴 (húqin)
All two strings of female vocality
A stone table & four seats
Nine ladies & two gentlemen
Swing their red sashes
Tied at the waist.

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