22. Poison

10 February 2019, 19:53

What is a minority? And would an American minority be okay with a tourist attraction dedicated to replicating and honoring their culture, language, and beliefs? That’s what I saw today—except it was Chinese, of course. Many of the significant minorities of the Yunnan Province being recreated for an audience. Only 90 RMB. Worth it. Got a bunch of cool photos. The translations on the signposts were sort of helpful. Much about “immortal souls” and “nature gods.”

Blue glass bottle, red and white label, red cap, 53%vol, 150mL, courtesy of Beijing Red Star Co., LTD. A swig here and there. It tickles and burns and causes me to question myself. Why do I ingest this poison? It’s not for the feeling, which is minimal, thanks to moderation. Is it the sensation it leaves on my tongue and in my throat? Or is it because I am utterly, physically alone and have no one whom I care about to judge my behavior? And is it wrong to begin with?

Sun on me

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