41. King Pleasure

23 August 2022, 13:35

On the first page
Of a red book
Easily overlooked
Amidst paintings and artifacts
From the artist’s personal collection
A few lines stand written
(Var står det skrivet?)
In capital letters:

HE ASKED... WE TAUGHT YOU BECAUSE WHAT YOU ALREADY KNEW – Talk to me, Jean-Michel Are you “HE”? Why does “WE” Respond and not “I”? First, you wrote “BECAUSE”
In black ink Then, another hand
(Still your own?) Swept in and struck it through With red ink, writing “WHAT” Did your English teacher Have a bone to pick With the question? When she read what you wrote Did she want to know your meaning Or was she more interested In you knowing hers? How much time passed Between black and red? If I called Gary Could he get me in touch With your dear, departed soul So you could answer my questions? “Freshman Y--- P----- practices In his garage at home to build enough Confidence to break dance in public.” A drug habit severed their souls From their bodies Died too young I miss him.
Hello, Gary