15. Bicycle, Angkor

26 January 2019, 22:02

I’m in Seam Reap now, and I got in a bit of trouble at Angkor. I climbed the wrong thing and was taken to a covered area to be talked to by a security guard and a man wearing a “Police” hat. They were friendly and talked about heritage while also reprimanding me for my actions. “I’m sorry, I did not know,” I repeated.

There are four salamanders/geckos on the walls in my hostel. I’m sitting at a table in the bar area, and there’s some house music playing, but I have my headphones in, and I’m listening/watching LTAT, the Saturday episode of Rhett & Link.


This is nowhere
I ever thought I’d be
Beside a tree
Sitting on the banks
Of Trapeang Srah Sang
A little lake several kilometers
Northeast of Angkor Wat.

I took off
My shoes and socks
Waded in, snapped a photo.

Prayed a poem, wrote it down
After fingering the dirt and mud
Between my toes.

Sitting cross-legged on Ta Keo
A temple-mountain-pyramid
Possibly the first to be built
Entirely of sandstone by ancient Khmers.

I’ve seen what I came here to see—
          but maybe there’s
          more to come.

My Giant mountain bike has carried me far—
          through a dark jungle
          on roads of pavement & sand.

I will read, now, before heading “home.”

“Am I annoying you?”
“Yes, honey, you are.”
A bad joke, I know
It just sort of slipped out
While waiting in
Line for Phnom Bakheng
(The wife asked a question to her husband;
I answered for him, a stranger.)

This ride better have a loop-de-loop
It was like waiting for something at Disneyland
Or the DMV (that symbol of waiting).

But this sunset
Is worth it
(I’ve seen better;
Thank you, clear Oregon skies.)

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